World Autism Day: Portraits of Autism


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  I have made a few posts in the last few years about my brother who has Autism. Today is World Autism day. April is Autism Awareness Month. Today I was visiting him like I do a few times a … Continue reading

Food Photography: Featured on The Food Network


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It occurred to me sometime between adding the photographs to my website and right now, nearly a week later, that in addition to hosting the photographs for my site, I should put them on the blog. Total space cadet move … Continue reading

Business Portraits: Less than 15 minutes


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I have read countless articles and blog posts about those super famous, super high end photographers that shoot executives, CEO’s, Celebrities, and the likes of famous and ultra busy professionals. While I am not shooting Fortune 500 CEO’s yet, everyone … Continue reading

Dance Photography: In Studio


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Last weekend I shot some dance in the studio. The moment Sarah arrived I stressed that I did not want to see anything technically perfect. There is a time and place for perfection, this shoot was not one of those … Continue reading

Photography: The Silhouette of Industry


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Those who know me best, or at least know my work by sight, can describe my images well. Often times people get confused and think my first choice of subject matter is abandoned buildings and cityscapes. This is entirely incorrect … Continue reading

2014: New Photography, New Beginnings


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Greetings! Welcome to a new year! This is the first post of the new year and the first post in a very long time. I closed out 2013 working on some great projects, enduring a major catastrophe for my business, … Continue reading

Stock Photography: Photographs of City for new website


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Quite a few months ago I received a request for use of my photographs, (Holyoke Flickr Gallery) for a website redevelopment of a local insurance company. Yesterday I recieve an email expressing the site was done and the photos were up. … Continue reading