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Post Christmas Post

I hope everyone has had a great Christmas. I know mine was pretty spectacular. I was able to meet Santa and sit on his lap, err I mean HER lap. A family celebration on Christmas led to the arrival of Santa, played by my g/f. It was cute. Christmas overall was great. I hope the same was for you too! This week is kind of low-key. Not a whole lot going, kind of like a vacation, but not "officially." It is December 28th and we still have NO snow here in the Northeast. The last time we had real snow fall was on October 30th/31st. It is pretty barren outside. The days are grey and a little bleak. Christmas was not white, but it was still great. I would like a little bit of snow fall this winter. It sure is cool enough out there.

Just think, how nice would it be if this scene was covered in snow?