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Boston Massachusetts

I frequent travel to Boston as much as I can. There is this photogenic quality about Boston that I can not escape. It began before I had attended the Art Institute of Boston in 2009, but  it is a feeling that I can not escape. It is like a visual sensory over load when I walk around the city. The first attractive quality that I am captivated by is light. The sun light, reflected light, refracted light, bounced light from buildings reflecting off other buildings, cars, signs etc. You name it, if it is illuminating the urban landscape, the skyline, or the street that I am walking on, I am captivated and compelled to photograph it. Of course, Boston does have other cultural and luxurious aspects that can be associated with photography, or at the very least aspects that still happen to fall in front of my lens. I am an avid, well more like HUGE fan of dinning in Boston's North End. Out of the 70 something restaurants in the quaint historic district of the city, I have knocked off a handful. Beneventos is a favorite. I have frequented this place over the last two years. Tell them I sent you! They wont know who the hell you are talking about, but I am sure they will appreciate it. Right around the corner is Mike's Pastry. You havent had a Cannoli until you have had one from Mike's. Even if you are in a stage 4 food coma from Beneventos or one of the other amazing places to dine at, you NEED to make a point to indulge in a cannoli. Of course, they have a line that typically reaches the door, other types of pastries, ( I dont waste my time or money on them, No offense Mike. I know what I like! ) but who wants that when their cannoli's are famous. Right?

Boston is a town that I escape to. I can get lost in the city with my camera and never be lost. There are a lot of great places to see. I have gone out there twice in the last month with my girlfriend and both trips I saw things, through the lens, that I have never seen before. I made images I have never made in the city before. I am going to share a few from both visits, but not all from the last visit, as I am using a few of them to write about black and white photography for another photography blog. Below are some photos from the last two times in the city. As someone who frequent goes to the city for both business and pleasure, I will be sharing stories often.

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