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New From Nikon

Earlier this week, Monday to be exact, I came across this site: The British Journal of Photography. I took an immediate interest in the site and began reading some of the articles. I have gone back a few times, here of there, to revisit a few pieces for some additional info. Just as I was doing that very same thing, I found a piece about Nikon. "Nikon gets ready for the Olympics with its flagship D4"

As I began reading the piece about this new flagship model, what really stuck out to me was how many times it was stated that Nikon has listened to the pros that are using their products. As I wrote in my facebook status, "The value of a company's product is increased not by the components used, but by their attentiveness to their users." This is so true. I have been waiting to see if Nikon is releasing a D800 to replace the beloved 700, but instead, for about half the cost more than the D700, you can get the D4. Priced at $6000.00 for the body, the technology that is in this body is nothing short of what is undoubtedly going to lead the class in the DSLR bracket.

I have been using both Nikon and Canon in my studio. At times the Canon 7D has done a stellar job, but there are times when I can not put down my Nikon. I have friends, pros, hobbyists, amateurs, and happy snappers, that argue for their brand loyalty. I am not one to really dispute the differences any more. But, each company has a feature or two that the other lacks or makes up for. Nikon has low-light ISO to Canon's lenses. But, at the end of the day, the application in which you are shooting will set the demand and need for a specific type of camera. The choice is yours depending on what you are shooting. The D4 is a camera that I am going to explore as my time for upgrade is near. If you read the entire article about the D4, you will see the bit about the Wireless Transmitter wt-5. We are in a digital era in which we have near limitless possibilities when creativity is allowed to shape the world. I look forward to working with Nikon's newest products. After all, Nikon cameras have shaped and helped form my business, studio, and portfolio.