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Nikon D800 and D800E

Welcome to a new kind of camera. The Nikon D800 is here, but wait, a D800E? I have been awaiting the validation of this NIKON RUMOR, with anticipation, for a while now. I have had a number of conversations with friends and pro's about the release and the rumors to be, but it has finally been released. And, not just one, but two!, TWO models at once. Nikon has stepped it up and put together what seems to be an impressive and serious machine/s. Two class leaders, being the highest resolution full frame dslr out, how can you can you compare? Well, unless you are shooting with a Mamiya, Hassi, and a Leaf back, I am not sure that you can. I look forward to welcoming this baby into my life, studio, and business.

Don't take my, suggested, word for it, read the impressive reviews..

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Nikon D800  

Nikon D800E