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This Afternoon: Fleeting Moments

This afternoon I spent the last few moments of my cell phone's life, battery was dying, franticly capturing the sunset through the window of the restaurant. It was a frigid day. Not the kind of day you want to be outside walking around. I did spend a few brief moments outside, walking from store to store in Northampton, trying to find the right attire for an upcoming wedding. It was cold. The New England-ness could be felt in the air. If you arent from the area, you other wise do not know that the weather changes so frequently, that on a good day, we could see two different types of weather roll in. I wasnt interested in capturing the weather. Nor was I interested in making an image that conveyed the sense of cold. Instead, I was interested in capturing light. In a recent interview, I described how I see light and how light is a huge factor and motivator in my work. If it wasn't for light, we wouldn't be able to make photographs, let a lone see. I have formed a visual relationship with light and apply the qualities of that relationship to my photography. Without light, I wouldn't be able to see the compositions that I capture.

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