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Social Documentary: Kris Wanat

I am 90% done with the worst editing project I have ever encountered. I had a large set of images that needed a new background. It was a very time consuming project that has kept me from working on a few other projects. One of the most major is the completion of my website. I am way beyond my deadline, way beyond the due date, not that there was one, but yet, there was. Now that the editing is done and the ordres are being filled, projects are back on track. I have been working a little bit closer with Kris on the completion of this project. I still find myself making photographs and doing less writing than I thought I would be. Last week I made a few images that I have not yet made. You can see below.

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Kris, at times, is not just a friend. He takes the role of personal trainer, friend, councilor, and intern. He assits in the studio on an as needed basis and helps with other things that come up. We have been training harder this past month, more than in the years past. I had to take a little bit of time off from the gym during the late summer and fall because of being so busy. As much as my work load has been full the past two months, I have been making a healthy balance for time in the gym. Being in a good physical condition helps keep a healthy mind and can assit in a healthy balance in work.

I decided to make a few photos while in the gym. The gym makes up a large portion of our schedule and social interactions. Since the beginning of this project, November 2010, I have never turned the camera towards him in the gym. But, as I have been wrapping up shooting, I decided to capture a few images of him in the gym. I have also captured a few recent images of Kris using some of his devices for seeing.

As the project moves forward, we are both looking into foundations, such as The Foundation Fighting Blindness, American Foundation for the Blind, and The National Federation of the Blind. The goal of our project is the bring awareness to retinal degeneration and generate some resources and revenue to assit in finding a cure. Within the next month everything will have been completed and hosted on my website. You will be able to read the full story and see all the images.