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Go Read A Book, A Must Read: A Photoless Post

Take your eyes off this post, once you're done reading and looking at my photographs and order yourself This Book: Photographs Not Taken. I received a few emails regarding this book. More or less it was, hey check this out, or this is something I know you'd like. Which is true, for me this will be a great read. The text reflects a few personal interests I have in photography, unrelated to making photographs, but how the idea of an image relates to people, stories, and communication. Photography is more than just an image, it is more than just pressing the button of a camera. Photography holds a powerful place in the world, it has since they days it began and will continue to as the medium evolves. For those that spend hours, days, months, years, life times trying making photographs, they know how to communicate through images. Their stories are telling of how they see the world and tell the reader what they are thinking through a visual narrative. For myself, photography is about communicating and sharing. This book is imageless, (as reviewed on Wired) but speaks volumes about the mental image, the minds photograph, that image that was never constructed for extrinsic reasons. I suggest and recommend reading this book. The insight can inspire you and possibly teach you a very valuable lesson. Dont take my word for it, take the word of Will Steacy. Check out his Blog Here, as well.