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Boston Mass: Some Photos

On Monday of this week, (June 11th) I was in Boston. I will be there tomorrow Wednesday, June 13th. Monday was for pleasure and Wednesday is for portraits, a tour of the State House, and dinner. On Monday I made some photos, like I typically do when I travel to the city. I hate when you're in a place that you're familiar with and it just so happens to be a place where millions of tourists visit and you're seen with your camera. Photographers with cameras aren't always tourists. Sometimes they are though. But as for me, I am a wandering photographer with specific subject matters. People sleeping on a bench, now that is a photo I like to see. Old toilets left under a wall with graffiti and some car parts, another composition that engages me. Wednesday will be a good afternoon in Boston, like every other day I am in the city. [gallery link="file" columns="4"]