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Autism: Social Documentary

I haven't been able to post much over the past few weeks. I have been incredibly busy with shooting weddings and other business related projects. But I did make it a point to capture a few images of my brother when he was in the studio with me two weeks ago. "This Is Autism" is the project I began with him as a subject. Well, in April he fell at school. It was determined that it was negligence that lead to his fall. He suffered a broken wrist and nose. My brother has already spent enough of his life in physical pain, pain that was not directly caused onto him, but rather the pain that life handed him. He is a child that requires special care, supervision, and attention. He did not ask to be left alone nor ask to fall. But through the lack of proper judgement, that very thing happened. I've witnessed my brother cry over a multitude or reasons. Be it a bad day, a migraine headache, pain from a surgery, or just general pain of being disabled. No matter what the reason, it always evokes a level of sympathy in me that I can not contextualize in words. It is very hard at times to watch him tear up when he is in pain, but when he laughs and smiles, it out weighs those moments that tear through you as sharp as the pain he is enduring. Fast forwarding to today, he is nearly healed from the fall, but it is a notch in his little belt.

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