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Cape Cod: Fourth of July and some Photos

This year I spent my fourth of July at the Cape. I was just out there a few weeks ago, and was back to celebrate the birthday of our America. American flags flew with pride and splendor. Towns were filled with people showing their pride with reds, whites, and blues. Flag tee shirts, flags, stars and stripes, and any other fashion accessory that you could imagine was displayed in a patriotic manner. I had unfortunately needed to return on the 4th and was unable to make it to any fireworks that night. However, on Monday night I had the privilege of seeing them from First Encounter Beach in Eastham Mass. Having spent and hour as Chef Jeff, grilling and cooking, I prepared a picnic to eat beachside while we waited for the sun to set. It was beautiful. It was a bucket list item, thats for sure. I have always wanted to put together a "fancy" picnic to have on the beach and watch the fireworks. Along with my grilling, we were joined by Amherst Farms Winery. A great little start up winery in Western Ma, (Amherst to be exact). It was a great evening and an even greater sunset. The fireworks were a slight distance away, but nevertheless, they were spectacular. Until the Friday before, June 29th, I had never turned my camera to the fireworks displays that I attended. It never really interested me as much as it did to just watch them. As I am fascinated by light and the different ways light is created, in this instance, by things that explode and blow up. Now, I realize that sounds kind of bad. I do not like things being blown up nor do I use explosives. But come on now, its fireworks. If you dont like fireworks, then you have some weird phobia that is kind of unconstitutional. Or you dont like loud and obnoxious sounds of explosions, which that is ok.

The display that we watched went of from Rock Harbor. Rock Harbor is a nice little harbor. It has one rock in it that stands up right just off the shore. But they know how to light a mean firework. I am sure the hundreds of others that lined the beach to watch would agree. Below are a few photos from our time out there.[gallery link="file" columns="4"]