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Wedding Photography: Bridal Fashion

As the story goes, "When a boy met a girl," and the rest is history. I find it very important to know how a bride and groom met. Their story is a very important part of their wedding day. It is after all the reason that led them to a life together, celebrated in front of friends and family, documented in a way that is unique to them. I am often captivated by the details and beautiful components of the any wedding. Each wedding is uniquely different. Even if they are in the same venues, be it the same church and reception venue, with the same caterer, nothing is ever the same. I try to create something special for each couple to make their day, their day. By this I mean I try and keep a fresh and alternating look so as no one ever ends up with the same thing as some else I have shot for. I keep a cohesive style to my shooting, but make subtle differences that make the details stand out. Just like each couple, their story, and their personalities, they are unique and deserve to be represented as such. Keep it beautiful, fresh, new, cohesive, and unique to each couple and you will make have a happy bride!

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