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A Photographer's Eyes: A Snap Shot

Here is a teaser from a recent project.

I photographed my friends eyes. She is a photographer and has two different colored eyes. Eyes, are the gateway to our souls. We see things with our eyes. We communicate and speak with our eyes. For a photographer, eyes are more than just two objects connected to the body that are a view of the world for our brain to interpret, they are what allow photographers to see what they needs to produce an image. Vision can be manifested both as a means of the eyes, the literal being that vision is what is passed through our eyes or a means of insight, creative vision, the ability to mentally see; the mental image.

Steph's eyes are unique, as is everyones. Her eyes are special because of the different colors each has. The first time I met her I noticed the difference between the two. It wasn't until later I mentioned it. She told me it took people years to sometimes notice. That was goofy, so I thought. How could it take someone years of looking at someone else to notice something so simple as different colored eyes? Then again, I am not so surprised, as I am always being reminded of how unobservant some people can be. As a photographer, I have often found myself being able to pick up pick on little details. I am very acute to whats around me, as well as I noticed details and pre-composed images before I photograph them. That is just a part of me that has existed for as long as I can remember. I believe that to be a pivotal component in my image making and part of my "vision."

Eyes are beautiful. They are windows. They are profound sculptures of our bodies.