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Making Photographs: A Slow Sunday

Some lounging, some photo-graphing, some light afternoon naps, an evening stroll through the town, some mediocre burgers and lame appetizers at a local bar, and a nice end to a short weekend. Yes that about sums it up. It rained this weekend. Thank god! We didnt need any rain, at all! Ok, maybe that was a little sarcastic seeing as how drought is the new thing. But it is true, we haven't has much rain this summer and we finally had a full day of it on Saturday. Mixed with babysitting for some family members and the constant drops of rain, not much was done this weekend. I made a few photographs and got to play with a Canon 5d Mark II. I am a Nikon shooter who relies on Canon for certain applications. In my opinion, at the end of the day, it doesn't matter what the brand is, so long as you get the shot, you do so in the most professional manner, and it yields the highest possible results you desire and need. That being said, I am not a devout follower to just one camera company. The way I view it, if it gives me the results I need to do my job and it goes beyond what my clients needs are, then I am satisfied. Yea, sure, there are differences between all cameras and their manufactures, but when you have a particular need and the equipment is at your finger tips, fire away and get the shot. These are just a few simple shots courtesy of a 5d II with a 50mm-er. The max I pushed the ISO was to 3200 @ 1/30 at 1.8f I saw some good results, I was pleasantly delighted. Like I said, for myself, at the end of the day so long as I get the image I need, being wedded to one type of camera isn't the prerogative.

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