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Photographs of Cape Cod: Summer Adventures

July is going to end in a few days. Well, more like 2 days. Summers in New England progress fast. If we have an off summer, where the weather isn't the best, (rain and storms) it makes for an even faster summer. This year has been great. I have a nice tan going. I have made some great photographs. I have been on some great shoots. And I have been visiting the Cape as often as I can. (Cape Cod that is) Which includes two trips to Marthas Vineyard. Both trips to the vineyard were by foot and bike. Instead of taking a car over, my lovely girlfriend and I, first time, took our bikes over and rode around the island. It was fun, adventurous, and pleasant. The second time we went with her sister and husband. That was even more fun. If you dont plan on spending the night and are on vacation at the cape and happen to have bikes, save some money, get some exercise and explore the island by bike. You wont regret it. The images in the gallery below are from Marthas Vineyard. They are just a few of the many photos I have made this summer. They are a meer sample of what I have been working on. By the close of the season, the end of summer, and our last trip out there, I will have produced an entire series, a body of work accompanied by an essay. I currently have 12 images on display for The Easthampton Art Walk in Easthampton, MA. When we stay at the Cape, we stay in Eastham, Ma. Eastham has beautiful beaches, beautiful homes, great places to eat, and is a picturesque town to visit. Next to Eastham is the well known town of Wellfleet. An even more beautiful town with just as amazing beaches. Both Sue and I have personal history at the Cape. We both grew up vacationing there. Sue's family had a place there and I would go with my parents every summer till I reached my teen years. Then it was no more vacations for me. (Found other things to do, being a teenager and all.)

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More Cape Cod photos to come! Check back for an update and a link to my flickr page.