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Thoughts: Photography and Long Exposures


I make photographs. When I picked up a camera it was because it felt right in my hands, it was an inexplicable feeling of love and emotions towards this ability to see, capture, reproduce, and share what I see, or create for that matter. The idea and notion that a photograph can record a moment, distill beauty, even when the moment of beauty is not defined by the perceived ideals of what beauty is, it is really about being able to make an image. I took up photography because it fulfills this sense of completeness, it is as if I found a part of myself I was looking for. After the realization that photography was a part of who I was, I embraced my ability and desire to create and make photographs. I have devote hours, days, minutes, months, and years to learning. I will never stop learning as the medium is an ever shifting paradigm. I have since taken this passion forward and established a business and career in photography. When I realized that photography was going to be my livelihood as well as the passion that drives and motivates my life, I started planning out my career. We all have our own unique way of seeing something that is specific to every photographer. Once we pass the formidable rules of composition and lighting, pass the idea that photography has its own vocabulary, and we zip through the technical jargon, we are faced with defining who we are with our style. Our style is our personality through images. It is our vernacular and how we converse. Our style is like our voice, it is unique to us. It can not be replicated. It can be sought after, desired, praised, passioned, and create as much as emotion as the images itself conveys.

Every day there is one thing through the course of that day that renews my affection towards what I do. Like being in a relationship with a person, you can not love someone till you love yourself. The same principal can be put into your work as a photographer. I find inspiration in life and by what surrounds me. I am influenced by those who exude passion for what they do and for their creating their own style. Everyone has the ability to press the button of a camera, but without knowledge and understanding there lacks an existence of ability. This is replaceable with a desire to grown, sustain, and believe in ones ability to find their voice and speak. I make photographs and live in visual world. I use photography as a means to speak, engage, and promote how I see the world around me. Make photographs, develop your own voice, and tell the world who you are through photographs.


The night before last I went out to try and capture some shooting stars. The frequency at which they were streaking the sky was very low. It didnt afford me many chances to capture any. I was able to have some fun, capture a few good images, and still come back with something to show.

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