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I have been shooting quite a bit of seniors these past few weeks, that and a hot air balloon ride! So fun. You can read my article about Aerial Photography: Shooting from a hot air balloon here. As a portrait photographer, I spend quite a bit of time with people. If they need a photograph, it is my job to capture their personality. This evening I had the pleasure of working with a family on a commissioned project. This was not like most other family portraits, this was about capturing the personalities of the three kids. It went very well. That is not to say that every other shoot isn't about that, but this was a very specific request for "a unique image that I am just going to love." The location, time, setting, and mood all came together as the kids interacted with one another and with the camera. You will be able to read post about that commission on Free Photo Resources, along with the other articles I have recently put up. There are two balloon photos below and an image of the moon just having risen above a church. I captured that on my ride home from the family portrait commission. I will also being adding senior portraits into a post very soon!

The Art side of the Balloon.