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Abandoned Building Photography: Recent Trip


As a portrait photographer, I capture the likeness of buildings as I would people. It is a tough subject matter, photographing abandoned buildings. Recently I wrote a piece about Abandoned buildings for Free Photo Resources. Post that article I was asked by a friend if I could give her a personal tour of the buildings I have been into. Without haste I agreed and we picked a time to get out and explore. I am working on a personal project to be an exhibition, and could use even more images. So, we went, made some photos, and captured some portraits. I missed out on a few images because my camera died. Yup, I know right, a photographer with a camera that dies, why didnt he charge his batteries!? Well, let it be known that I did! But there is an issue with the camera and both fresh batteries died. This rig is not my primary camera, it is my back up workhorse. The camera that is old enough to take a beating in a building and not need to be worried for if something should happen.


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