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Street Photography: Boston Massachusetts


Last week I had a chance to step out of the studio and shoot some street photography. I turned my lens on to a few streets and areas in Boston. What I discovered was that I was seeing patterns of people, light, and shadows. I was able to produce a small body of work that examines the relationships to these subject matters within public spaces. I saw compositions that had elements that created relationships and present the observer with a dynamic view of these conjoining elements that allow for the relationships to exist. At the very least I was photographing what was appealing to me, objects, people, arrangements, and light that resonated with the time of day and the subject matters I am interested in photographing. There are 12 diptychs below. I think and find that it is incredibly rare that such a group can be found in such a short span of time. A mere 3 hours and I was able to find 24 images that coincide with one another a dynamic level. None-the-less I am pleased with what I was able to find. [gallery link="file" columns="4"]