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Boston Mass: A Few Photographs


Starbucks. The place I am currently sitting in to write both this blog post and an article about Travel Photography. I found that the previous place I was sitting, a not to be mentioned location, was just not cutting it for me. It was void of any creativity, not that Starbucks sells creativity, but the ambiance, music, and location are much more suitable to write and edit a few images I just shot on my way over. Cities move fast. People move fast. Cars, bikes, people walking and running keep the city at a faster pace. Not to long ago I over heard a woman telling her daughter that Boston is such a fast city. All she could do was verbalize it over the phone. It is not easy to just say, "Boston is a very fast city," when it really isn't as fast as other cities in the world; such as New York City. Boston moves at its own pace. In fact, as I was on my way over, there was a steady stand still in traffic. The car horns were obnoxious. People were punching the middle of their steering wheels expecting the cars in front of them would magically disappear. The faster I walked, the closer Starbucks became. The closer I would be to sitting inside and hammering out some words into a blog and putting some photos up. I needed to get these thoughts out, as they acted as an opener, a creative thought to get me in the mood to finish my Travel Photography piece. Thank you for your attention... [gallery link="file" columns="4"]