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tanya 1

I caught up with a friend over the past two weeks. She was in town from Australia, her new home. We had a few lunch meetings and a few micro shoots in the studio. Over the last 6 years or so she has appeared in front of my camera. We formed a friendship because of mutual hatred of a college course and a love of photography. Since the instant I bought my first digital camera, she has been musing around in front of the lens. Over that period of time she has grown as a person and I have grown as a photographer. Every time we work together, there is a strengthening in my photography. Gracefully walks in to the studio, poses, and something new appears. It may not be visible to people that watch my work, follow me, or have just started seeing my photographs for the first time, but it is true. There is always that one small thing that she gives me that is new, fresh, and something I was looking for. Even though I do not photograph her as often as one would like, she still enhances my work to some degree and rightfully has gained the title of Muse.

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