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Baby Portraits: In Studio


Kids, babies, toddlers, youths, new borns, all have one thing in common when it comes to portraits, they don't always sit still and pose. Every so often I find a child that listens on command or just instinctively poses for the camera. I have a friend who has a son who, at the snap of her fingers, would pose and smile. I have had some children that would smile every other shot and some that wouldn't smile at all. Its a tough sell sometimes, getting children to smile. When Annalise didn't want to sit and had to put the broom down, she became very sad and let a few tears out. So I made a shot knowing it would be a cute moment as well as become a quirky little ad for the studio. Her tears were fleeting, but the shot will last. She was an adorable little one to photograph. She even wanted to assist in the studio by cleaning up with the broom.

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