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2013 Calendar: Historic Fairfield Ave, Holyoke MA


In the middle of the summer I was contacted by the Holyoke Historic Commission to see if I would be able to produce photographs for a 2013 Calendar. I said yes, and showed a sample of winter shots that I had already produced. Over the course of a few months I made a number of visits to the neighborhood and produced the photographs that became the calendar. As with some projects, things come up. We had a few variables that resulted in a delay in the production. They came off the presses yesterday and are ready for distribution. The Calendar has a low dollar value of $10.00. That wont break the bank at all... They are sized at 8.5x11" when folded. Open they expand to 11x17". If you are interested in purchasing one, you can acquire yours by following this link: 2013 Fairfield Ave Calendar Gallery

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