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Composite Photograph: Portrait of an Artist


Last night I took a chance and produced something I have never made before. I had a guest in the studio to discuss an installation that she is going to be producing. A spontaneous idea led to an impromptu shoot and a small road trip to make an image. I stepped out of my comfort zone and explored the idea of creating a composite, something I have NEVER done in my work as a photographer. I have often been captivated by the work of photographers who do produce such compelling { compositry } work. Compositry, being a word I just made up, meaning a collection of photographs or images, composed and compiled together to render an entirely new composition, i.e. photograph. Also defined as the act of producing an image or photograph that is composed of many images to become one a single image. It was fun to step out side of the comfort level I have been so accustomed to. Something I rarely do. But recently I was told, step out of your comfort zone, do something new, and get familiar with working in things you typically don't and you will become more successul and rounded. We worked together to construct the main composite. Stephanie offered up some great suggestions that resulted in the final piece. I polished up the piece after she left the studio, and VIOLA! Something new!

When I sit back in my chair and view the piece, knowing the stack she is leaning on is a collection of pages from 5 books, I feel that with the black and white, the piece has a narrative, a poetic juxtaposition that creates a story. It speaks to me as a visual narration, kind of like you're looking at an element from "Alice in Wonderland" story. I can't say that I will produce more of these, as last night we had a lot of factors that just fit. The right ideas, set up, and ability to make the images needed for the composite.

To see Stephanie's work, click on this link, right here, just click this set of letters/words.