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Happy New Year: Last Post of 2012


As my friend Rory Casey would say, "don't try and thank everyone by name, you'll inevitably forget someone." Which is true. As the last few hours of 2012 come to a wind, I want to say thank you to everyone, not by name or by individual, but to everyone for 2012. In 2012 I worked on some amazing projects, worked with some amazing people, and was fortunate to have been able to make some great photographs. A lot happened in 2012! I mean a lot. One business has come to a close and a new door has opened. My studio has undergone some great changes, both positive and negative, but from the negative come positives. I had a lot of help with some cool things, exhibitions, locations, shoots, jobs, clients and work. It is impossible to thank everyone after the fact, but for 2013 things are looking as great, and even greater than what 2012 was.

Thank you to everyone that I worked with in 2012. Thank you to everyone that has helped me have an amazing 2012. I wish everyone the best of luck in 2013! I look forward to working you in the coming year.

Below is the last set of images I am posting for 2012. Simple shots, but fun.

Stay safe and have a Happy New Year!!!

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