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Portraits of a Rock Star: Katelyn Richards

I first met Katelyn Richards when I did her first set of head shots, --gallery here-- in 2010. She gave me a call because she found my card and she loved the image of the model on the front. A few days later I had her on location in a cafe here in town. Fast forward 2 years later, I have seen her play nearly a dozen times, and have photographed her at a few shows. She came into the studio today to get some new head shots. She is going to be spending a majority of time in New York City and before she headed out of town, she made a point to sit in front of the camera. She was also kind enough to share one of her songs, a personal favorit for an up coming project. An announcement will be made about that shortly. Below are two shots from her time in the studio. Katelyn is always a blast to work with. Be sure to check her out at Katelyn Richards dot COM