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Sam Lovejoy

What does a hilarious older gent, self sacrifice, a 5 year felony charge, and a collapsed nuclear tower have in common? History... Sam Lovejoy was willing to go to jail on a 5 year felony charge for taking down a tower in Montague, Mass on George Washington's birthday in 1974. After coming to terms with the fact that he might see jail time, Sam went through with a plan. Months and months of research prepared him for what laid ahead of him, a down tower and a trial in which he defended himself. It was not an act of vandalism that sparked him to take the tower down, it was an act of anti nuclear speech. Sam's research led him to believe that nuclear energy was not only a terrible thing for the world, but it would also be incredibly detrimental source of power for the local environment. Sam did not want to see any nuclear plant built on the Montague plains. His act of bravery in removing the tower prevented such a plant from being built in Massachusetts. After defending himself in a trial in which he was found not guilty, Sam spent years speaking out against nuclear power.

Those were historical facts and words that Sam spoke when we were on set for a documentary being produced about him and his tower. Three friends of mine, Scott, Jesse and Mark produced a doc about this man's incredible story. They shot it for an international film competition. I assisted them and shot production stills of the film being produced. The story of Sam Lovejoy is both historical and engaging. We visited the site of the tower, the commune farm he used to live at, and heard a powerful story of self sacrifice. Sam is a funny fella with a life time of stories that range from political activism to inside stories of some of the greatest musicians and artists of the 60's and 70's. It was incredible to be in the presence of a man who was willing to give so much for a cause and his beliefs. I have never personally met someone who has open stated he was willing to go to jail for his actions, beliefs, and causes.

Below are some production stills from the two days on location.

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