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The Heart of Boston

_MG_4923_lowres If the city of Boston were a person, tears would be streaming down their face while they hugged their residents, the victims, and the world, as we are spectators to the pain of yesterdays events. Adjectives and metaphors can not accurately describe the horror that unfolded yesterday, more so, words can not express my emotions. Boston is my little passion 90 miles east of the city that also has my heart. Boylston st in some ways has a little groove carved out from the footprints I have left behind in the recent years. My memories are of happy times spent with friends, but today those memories are subdued by the pain that I have seen. While I am bound to computers for various projects, I have done my share reading and viewing of the photographs that have landed on the websites that are carrying the stories and sharing the breaking news and updates. I tell stories. Your eyes are my canvas and the camera is my pen. My words are read through objects, elements, landscapes and faces. Photographs are the words in which you read both my thoughts and visions. It has been very hard to contain myself from journeying into the city to document what I see and feel. But, I would like to take a moment to commend both the media, (all outlets that have featured the stories of the Boston Marathon Bombings) and the the photographers that have captured the images that made up yesterdays events. As I explained in an email to my girlfriend who is abroad, "I have never seen such powerful images that show the destruction and carnage like this in the U.S. Media before."

I have a very hard time making it through an article that discusses what happened yesterday. I have a tougher time examining the photographs that take me to a familiar place and present me with scenes of horror, pain, and the loss of life. The photographs are a reminder of how short and fragil life is. They are also a reminder of how little value some people put into the human life.

Below is a screen shot I made from Boston Marathon Bombing Of all the photographs that I have seen, from the various vantage points, and points of view from the same location, different photographers, this photograph stands out to me the most. It speak volumes about our country, our state, and our state of mind. You can paint our flag with blood, but we will stand up and defend those in which that flag is a symbol of home. The camera is a weapon, a tool, a device that shows the world both pain and beauty.

CNN Screen Shot

The world, the State of Massachusetts is looking to you Boston. We are here for you in your time of need, in your time of pain. Wether it is one life or ten million lives, no one should be subjected to the cowardly attacks of the weak. No political or social cause is worth the unjust loss of life.