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Wedding Photography: Boston Ma

Like all good love stories, this story of love has one small bitter sweet moment. The kind of moment that comes at the price and expense of lives lost... Last Saturday I took a drive out to Boston with my second shooter Bob. It was my first time into the city after the previous Monday's events and the large manhunt that spanned nearly 48 hrs. A wedding brought me into the city. A wedding that I was so excited for. I was excited for a number of reasons, the couple, the venue, and to be in Boston. Boston captured my heart as a child and I just enjoy being in the city. What better reason to be in Boston than to capture the love between two people? Im sure someone could find a reason, but I sure cant.

Jeff & Mike

The city had a business to it that would give anyone the impression that it was the same ole Boston we all know and love. Well, that was not the case by any means. It was not even a week since viscous attack on the Boston Marathon. On Tuesday, post the attack, I was still very upset. Extremely upset. As I had said, Boylston Street has a section of pavement carved out on the sidewalks because of how many times I have walked up and down the street. By Wednesday I started to relax, emotionally speaking that is, and started in with the why did this have to happen; like the rest of the world was thinking. By Thursday an entirely new set of emotions started to manifest. As the world watched the horrific gun show, not the roid machine in the gym flexing for the mirror and ego, but the barrage of bullets exchanged in a suburb of Boston, I started to panic. I did not let my emotions out. I kept them in and sat back on the couch with a wine buzz and watched as the little maniac, the younger brother of d-bag 1, (as the Huffington Post is calling them) was sought after. The swift hand of justice, the incredible, and I mean chills up your back kind of incredible, display of force from all Law Enforcement agencies from the State Police, Military, FBI, DEA, ATF, XYZ ABCD, 123's to the local authorities of the towns affected did their job so affectively that they were able to capture the turd. Of all places, he was found in a boat by a home owner.

Jeff & Mike

A text came through my phone earlier in the night. Joleen's husband, Mark was the Massachusetts State Police Pilot that was in the air above the turd filled boat. I in fact knew a man who was called to duty the day before to do his job effectively. Which is to say that all departments across the board did their job more effectively than we can even thank them for. I said to myself, "Jeff, it took ten years to find Osama Bin something-or-other, but 3 days to capture these bags of D, thats inspiring." Thousands of people were put to ease. But there came an expense. The City of Boston had been on lock down from Thursday till late Friday. When I finally spoke with Jeff late Friday afternoon, he expressed that the Bostonians had enough and they were not going to just stay locked in their homes. That is the Boston pride and spirit. I was panicing the entire day Friday because in the back of my mind I had a set of neurons that were going freaking nuts praying and hoping that the wedding would NOT be cancelled or post-poned of any sorts.

In all honesty, I do not know how I would have reacted, but for the first time in my life I was faced with a fear about a wedding, clients, a venue and responsibility that I had never been faced with or even thought of for that matter. No one in the world would expect a tragic event to be a battering ram to a wedding, but I was preparing for that call. It wasnt until late Saturday did we discover a slue of events on Friday night had been cancelled. A few days after the wedding I found out that the owners of Wisk, (two talented chefs I met just two weeks before), A Pop Up Restaurant based in Boston, was forced to cancel, losing out on $1200.00 worth of food.


Countless events were cancelled on Thursday and Friday night. The Boston Marathon was not the only day in which terror occurred  For some, it will be a life long battle. For others that day was the beginning of a week of hellish events. But for two amazing men, their life together took a serious and deep expression of love as they joined their lives in union. Their love was celebrated by friends, family, and guests from all over the map. The venue is almost indescribably beautiful. Here is a list of words that can be associated with this venue and its view.


At about 2:30 pm Bob and I were greeted by a Limo in front of 60 State Street, the home of The State Room. We went as far as Fenway and back. The day turned out to be so much more beautiful than it started. The sun came out and by the end of the afternoon, a sunset gave us such striking shades of light to work with. It was truly a beautiful night.

_MG_3427 _MG_3433 _MG_3492 _MG_3500 _MG_3546 _MG_5168 _MG_5192 _MG_5249 _MG_5294-2 _MG_5409-2 _MG_5430-2 _MG_5435-2 _MG_5448-2 _MG_5492-2 copyIf it wasnt clear by my word photo, the thesaurus screen capture, then take a look at just how beautiful this space is. I can not be any more expressive than capturing the beauty within photos. Words are great. People can read, but a photo is what makes the iris, pupil, retina create an emotional response and reaction. Words can do that too sure, but when you see something you love, well thats love! stateroom_pano_lowres

_MG_3628 _MG_3637

Guest Book

_MG_5519 _MG_5520-2

Sunkissed flowers

Guests sharing a kiss in the sunset.


This is real grass.


View from the State Room

_MG_6059 _MG_6063 _MG_6066 _MG_6067 _MG_6074 _MG_6131 _MG_6134 _MG_6162_MG_5335 _MG_5380 _MG_5418 _MG_5476 _MG_5619 _MG_5684 _MG_5695_MG_5772 _MG_5787


_MG_5808 The love that two people share is unique to them. As a couple their love is different than every other couple in the world, but what makes them special is the love they share. Like every couple I've ever met, it is my wish for Jeff and Mike that their unique love, the special things that bind them together remain as they walk through life together. 

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