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Prep: Before the {PhotoShoot}

2011 Camero Do happy accidents exist? Yes. Do people base their entire careers off of them, sure. But when it comes down to it, you need to plan things out. Of course, sometimes plans change, things evolve, or they just simply do not work according to the plan. Case in point is the story of the above shown car. The client, car owner, and I have been working on a specific shoot, specific location/s, specific model, etc. After nearly a year of yes, no's, approvals, ideas, it has all circumvented into a, "hold the breaks," PUN intended, lets take a different approach. During the course of things being planned out and organically changing again, a new prospect for the shoot to be featured beyond its original destination has again been a game changer. What does one do when so many changes occur? Roll with the punches as some would say.

Truth be told, I am looking forward to this shoot and with a fresh set of plans in place, nothing will allow for this shoot to go unscheduled, un-produced, and un-done. Bottom line, we have set the plan in place and with a few hanging details, we have an end date. Sometimes things take time to plan, sometimes they do not. The above featured shot was made this afternoon. I did so on a whim because an updated shot of the car was needed. By chance and a few on site ideas, the resulting image is more than desired. To be redundant, the bottom line is, plan. Plan your location, your ideas, plan for the unexpected, as there is always something that comes up, and plan for success. If you approach things with the haphazard, "it'll all work out," chances are it will not.