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Fashion and Editorial Photography: Busy Busy

In the last 6 days I have had 3 majors shoots. 2 for one local publication and 1 for a national publication. I have been busy, buys, busy, with those assignments as well as the other day-to-day studio related work that has been flowing in. While I would love to share a shot from each shoot, I will only be able to share one or two shots from the shoot that took place in Boston 6 days ago. Model & MUA

A few months back I discussed a shoot that took nearly a year to plan. A lot of back and forth on small details, a model search, and the right timing were major factors. But with all the time invested, last Saturday we set up in a great spot and spent hours and hours working the set and working with a talented model and makeup artist. The shoot was a huge success. Below is a sample shot.


Two weeks prior I was in Boston to shoot this gem of a car. I did a post about a week ago showing how I set the camera up, but I wanted to share this particular photo.

600 HP Camaro

I really do wish that I could show photos from the other two shoots, however, I will post them when the magazine is out. Since I can not release them, I will share a photo from a recent trip to Charleston South Carolina. If I may, I strongly suggest visiting there. I am going to post a larger article about the trip and time down there soon.

Charleston South Carolina

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