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Two weeks ago I met up with my friend Jules. She is a budding model/actress based in New York City. I have worked with her a few times. You can see a few examples of her on my website { JeffreyB | Photography Dot Com } She was in the area for the weekend and with only an hour and a half to shoot, we picked a location and arranged to produce a shoot. Honestly, we had a narrow budget of time to work with. I am accustomed to fast shoots, but this was the fastest from planning to shooting that I have had in quite some time. We had a few wardrobe changes, but in the end, the following images are the ones that are favored from the shoot. What really brought this shoot together was not just the fact that we had the opportunity, but the quality of the light, the location, and the dress, (Forever 21) and leotard (American Apparel) .

_MG_1504 _MG_1549 _MG_1592 _MG_1715 _MG_1726 _MG_1785 _MG_1798 _MG_1836 _MG_1915 _MG_1946 _MG_1952 _MG_1966 _MG_1977