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GoPro Hero 3+: Photography


I bought a Gopro Hero 3+ Black  a few weeks ago. Let me say, as a camera I love it. Its small. It can be discrete, but most importantly, it is a tool that is purely for intuitive play. I have yet to figure out the wifi, but I am still impressed. Here are a few stills I made when I was in New York City (not my photography, but an awesome site) last week. I took a day to travel down with friend and Creative Economy Coordinator for the City of Holyoke, Jeff Bianchine. We were there to view the exhibition and work of Jerome Liebling at the Steve Kasher Gallery.  Equally it gave us our first chance to see the famous Highline. I have been anxious to see that for some time now. Even more equally, I am excited to shoot there. (fashion, some day)