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Cape Cod: Photography


For the past three years, Memorial Day weekend marks the beginning of summer for Sue and I. This past weekend was not the same as the preceding years. The weather as sub-par and made for a mediocre trip. Mediocre isn't the correct word that I would like to use, but it is the only way I can quickly describe our trip. The last two years it has always been 10-20 degrees warmer. Enough that I would trudge my way into the still cold waters of the Atlantic. On the ocean side, the water temp is still relatively cold. It was my own ritual within our growing tradition. This year I did not swim with the sharks, befriend the seals, or test the waters of the Atlantic. Instead, I read. Reading is one my favorite things to do on the Cape, (sounds like a dating profile list of things to pass the time but it is true) aside from make photographs of the landscape, towns, beaches, people. Reading on the beach is one of the only places I can get into a good book un-interrupted. I read a lot for my business, business interests, blogs, etc when I am working, but with all the technological interruptions, emails, texts, phone calls, it gets hard to focus. With the summer heat, the light wind flapping sounds of the umbrella, the sounds of the passing tides, pages turn quickly as the stories come to life. Provincetown, MA 2014


Even though this weekend went by quickly, I was still able to find peace. My phone stays off. Interruptions come in the form of children running by, breaking for lunch, or taking a stroll a mile out into the bay at the peak of low tide. I took a walk on Saturday when the sun came out. I left my book behind to get a tan while I strolled down the bayside's coast. I had one agenda, make some photographs. I did just that. When the mind is free of burdens, stressors, work, it is free to think freely and explore. As a creative person, this means that my mind goes to ideas with the creative gears turning. I have been working on article for a photography blog/publication that I firmly believe can be an eye opener for some. My walk was a moment of clarity. As I returned to where Sue was sitting a thought came to mind. It was a simple idea that turned into a two paragraph spread for the article.

As the summer progresses by, each month, June, July, August, are all different. The summer heat of July is more intense than June or August. The daylight, evening sunsets of each month bring their own hue and saturation as the temperature influences the colors of the fading days. As a photographer, I am fortunate enough to be able to observe these changes so closely. Memorial Day weekend is the start of these awesome changes. I look forward to each month at the cape, observing and capturing these changes. For me, Cape Cod is in my DNA. As a child, my family vacationed on the outer cape. I know without a down I ingested enough sand to have had a few grains bond to my DNA on a molecular level, making the cape a part of who I am. While I am expanding and adding locations to my passport and travel itinerary, I still feel the cape will always be on of my favorite places to go back to until my life is over. It sounds sad saying it that way, but when a place is a part of who you are, you cant help feeling that it will be with you until you are no more.

Here are a few photos I made this past weekend.