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Tattoos and Photographers




I have tattoos and so do a lot of people. I have met quite a few people that have tattoos. A lot of my friends do. Jason, shown below, he does too. He came into the studio a few months back and I did a few portraits of him then, when his chest piece was "under construction." Since then, it has been completed. Tattoos, like clothing, are worn as an accessory. They, like a scarf, specific style of hat, or type of shoes, become an element of style, which define who we are. On Friday night as the girl who took my order slid my debit card, (has my business name with the word photography in it) asks if I am into photography. Realizing that she was making small talk, borderline flirting, based on how she acted next, I simply lifted my right hand up, exposing my wrist, where I have a small camera tattoo. A very simple vector based outline, enough to show people, "yes, I am into photography, I live it every day of my life." I chose this location, because like some people who wear their heart on their sleeves, I wear my occupation on mine. Ever visible is the lifestyle that I live, the job, the passion, the obsession, that is my life, photography.

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