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Political Portraits


In 2009 when I met Aaron Vega, owner of Vega Yoga and now Holyoke State Representative for Massachusetts, we began working on a photography project about yoga. The following year he ran for his first term as city councilor. A seat he held for a term and a half before he became State Rep. In the years since 2009, I have met some incredible people, photographed some political events, and made head shots for some politicians, including the Mayor of Holyoke. Last week I had the pleasure of welcoming Mark Riffenburg into the studio for the first time. Mark is barely 20, a political star rising, and the Deputy Treasurer for the City of Holyoke. in 2013 at the age of 19 he ran for city council. He did not win the seat, but has since taken that energy and refocused for a stronger platform to run his political campaigns on. Mark was a great candidate for making head shots for (pun intended). His patience afforded me the opportunity to make more than just a "business like" head shot. Below are a few shots. mark_blog_2