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Aerial Photography and Videography

Last year I had a thrill. I flew in a helicopter. I am sure that I discussed that at least once on my blog before converting it over to my new platform. I did an aerial shoot last year via helicopter. Due to a project change, I needed to do so again later in the year. I was addicted and only wanted to fly in a helicopter to get from place to place. While some people have that luxury, I currently do not. 

I do however now have a drone, a DJI Phantom 2 for my Gopro Cameras.  and cane place a camera very high in the sky or make it do things while it is moving. I have been able to make some awesome photographs and videos since I first purchased it back at the very end of August. This past weekend I put together a little piece that I shot in my town while an event happened. You can watch below. 

I am hoping sooner than later I can allocate some funds and replace one of my Hero 3+ for the new Gopro Hero 4. From what I have seen it is an upgrade and worth the purchase. I am quite happy with my 3+, but you know how it is, a new piece of technology comes out and that is enough to change the quality of your work. 

I will be coming out with a few new videos/films soon. I have been doing quite a bit of video work recently. I am having fun and exploring film making.