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Re-locating: Lifestyle upgrade

It has been one week since we have been in our new house. Our move was not substantial, but the benefits are. The whole point of buying a house, in my opinion is to have a better quality of live, an improvement in living conditions and situations. Needless to say, we are happy. I have some plans, such as a nicely put together home office, a small personal studio (personal projects), and a place where I can do some other creative work. 

One feature that makes me the most happiest, the kitchen. We have more space then my fiance's condo and it looks incredible. The most lavish benefit, the professional range, the stove, the food maker, the holy grail of kitchen appliances. So far I have cooked two meals. Dinner for myself last night and a lunch this morning that incorporate a few left overs from last night. I am by no means a chef, but would love to possess the knowledge of a contemporary chef. So, chef's out there reading this, I will pay you in photos if you train me for contemporary cuisine...

Starting with the left was last nights salad. Field greens, green apple, red pear, topped with raspberry vinaigrette dressing with cheese sprinkled on top. Middle, is a red potato and red pear combination seasoned with spices and garlic olive oil sautéed in bacon grease. Bacon of course was within the medley of potatoes and pears. Right is today's lunch. Eggs, yesterday's potato and pear mash up with bacon and chives. All in all, it was good. I was very happy to gets out the range. I look forward to making new dishes, testing new things out, burning some food, perfecting some dishes, and enjoying the lifestyle improvements.

Thats all for now. itk