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Night Photography: After Hours

I started making photographs at night when I was in school. Back then I was running around with a tripod, an old slr, 400 tri-x bw film, and no idea what I was doing, except that I was having fun. Night photography is something I still do. The tools have changed, my vision has grown and expanded, and I still have the same fun I did years ago. The thrill is higher, knowing what I want to capture and that there is a method to doing so. I have found, for me and my work, rainy nights create the perfect ambiance. Textures come to life. There is a poetry that exists on rainy nights that otherwise doesn't exist on most nights. There is peace, quiet, and an unlimited amount of images to be found. 

Last night I grabbed my Canon 5d Mark ii, my iPad, and left the studio after a long day of work. I had my pancake 40mm 2.8 mounted. I haven't used a tripod at night in a long time. With a camera this good, high iso capabilities, I have not much need for a tripod. If I were to be shooting something like a landscape, bracketed exposures, or the stars I would surely use a tripod. Just running around at night with a good lens and high iso, no need for the cluncky set of legs. I did however forgot a key cable to connect to my iPad's cable. Dang... So I wasn't able to post these photos till this afternoon before getting into some projects. For me, I see things in the night that I do not get to see during the day. I am inspired. I was inspired. I made photographs.