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Dance Photography: Candid Portrait

Every now and again I happen to catch the right moment and capture an awesome candid portrait. It happens whether I am working or not working. I am always looking for the moment in which I can make a photograph. That is a different mindset from when I am working and sometimes have to create that moment. 

Over the last few weeks I have been working on a project with Eclipse Dance Company. During a shoot last night I was fortunate enough to have my camera basically up to my eye balls when I saw one of the dancers posing, but not posing. I pressed the shutter and the result is the following portrait.

Portrait of a Dancer

For me this photograph works so well because it wasn't scripted, planned, posed intentionally, it was, as you see it in the moment. Thats  what makes it a candid image, that what makes it work. Once the project is complete and the performance has occurred, I will share the results of some hard work. Some out of the box thinking and planning. Until then, shoot on/dance on. 

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