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New England: Fall Foliage

Having spent my life in New England, I have been observing the changing seasons for 31 years. Each year I learn something new, see something new, observe something new. This fall has been hectic, fast paced, fun, rewarding, and challenging. In the years past I was always able to make time to either travel or escape the studio to make some photos. This year there was almost no opportunity to do so. When it wasn't rainy I was outside working on some awesome projects, shoots, locations. When it wasn't rainy and I wasn't working on location, I was editing. This left zero time to explore, see the leaves, or be outside, recreationally.

There were about 3 days in passing I was able to make some photos. 3 short time frames that collectively do not equal an hr in which I was able to stop for me. I am sharing my favorite image from this fall that is both non-commercial, seeing as how no one has purchased it yet, and something I am very happy to share. Below is an low altitude aerial photo I made at a reservoir a few minutes from the studio. I was able to get to the location with enough time to fly over a few times and capture a few stills. I am very happy with the photograph overall. I am even more happy that I am pleased as much as I am, since I wasn't outside much to produce my own photographs.

I often try and reserve a day or two every week or so, to make photographs for myself, test new processes, techniques, or just refine what I am currently working on. It is healthy to take a break and re-focus your attentions onto other things. As brief as that may be, it does allow for a healthy pause from a hectic schedule. This re-focusing will give you the necessary break to breath and get back on task or take the next challenge. Clients need your focus, attention, and you at your best. You are no good to anybody if you are stressed, over-worked, under rested, or not interested. This photograph is dedicated to all the clients that challenge me to be better than myself, work harder, produce better results. Thank you. 

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