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Underwater Photography: A Wave of Trends

If you like to hit the "like" button on instagram, re-tweet things on that twitter app, check out wicked photos on 500px, and post on other social media apps and sites, chances are you are into some trendy things. There are nearly countless online avenues to see trendy photographs that are spreading around the world by the minute. If that sounds like you and your social media practices, you might be familiar with photographers posting underwater photographs as well as images of waves. Underwater photography and photography of waves is nothing new. However, with more people than ever owning great cameras, not just Gopro cameras, but dslr's, it has been getting easier to put them in unique places, such as underwater. 

Cape Cod, First Encounter Beach 

Every other day I come across an awesome image of waves, the ocean, surfing, something underwater. I have been inspired. I want to see what I can do that others aren't. I want to see what I can do with water and photography. When I was in Bermuda two years ago, I wished so bad I had an underwater housing for the 7d that I had with me. I didn't think to rent one. That is an easy option for people that have a great dslr and want to work on some water based projects. Projects with water, hmmm interesting. In fact, I am working on a water based photography project. I am not ready to discuss yet as we are still in the prelimb stages. We will announce sooner than later. 

I chose an affordable option. I bought an inexpensive underwater housing for my 5d. I purchased a Diacapac Waterproof Case. Thanks to Amazon's shipping problems two weeks ago, it didn't arrive on time, as scheduled, and I was unable to use it for the intended project. No worries. No need to cry on my behalf and beg the Amazon gods for a refund, because we just shot with a few Gopros. Having spent the last week at Cape Cod, I had day or two to give it a try. Cape Cod doesn't get massive waves with amazing sunsets like some exotic locations, but what Cape Cod has to offer is unique to the North East. 

Cape Cod, Eastham, MA

I threw the 5d in the bag, sealed it up, turned and ran into the water. I could hear my fiance still yelling at me for wanting to put my camera in the ocean. She thinks I am nuts for doing so. But hey, you know what, #yolo.. While Canon cameras do not come with gills, they can go underwater with the right case. 

The tide was high. The sun was setting. I was in the water and had fun just pointing the camera in any direction with an intuitive angle. My goal was to simply see what came out of the camera. There was nothing under the water worth seeing. Even if I wanted to, I wouldn't have been able to. The tide was rough for the bay, which means all the sand was being churned up in addition to seaweed and other ocean stuff. I was able to capture a few fun images. It wont be soon enough before I can get in the water with a camera. 

Cape Cod, Eastham, MA