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Head Shots: The business of selling your client.

Initially I began writing this post for my LinkedIn blog. I am not an avid writer on that professional platform, but I do have things that get shared there. Due to an image sizing issue, I decided to forego using LinkedIn for this piece. Instead, I am writing for my blog:

Professional head shots say a lot about you as a business person, professional, and your personality. Their is value in having professional photographs made of yourself. In my previous post on LinkedIn, about head shots, I discussed how it is a tool for branding who you are, your business, and at the very least, marketing yourself.

Head shots do not need to be complicated. We are all a bit self conscious. For those that may say they are not self conscious and seem to be the most photogenic, those individuals are especially concerned with how they appear in a photograph. A professional photographer has the roles of making a photograph, editing, delivering, and maintaining the business providing head shots. What most people are unaware of when it comes to hiring a photographer is that the photographer also has another role: making you feel comfortable and eliciting the image that you need, the image that pleases you. To many people are equipped with cameras and possibly a set of lights that are unaware of the true responsibility when it comes to producing head shots. 

A head shot should capture more than your likeness, it should sell who you are. The photographer has a job of doing that for you. It isn't about the camera, or always about the lighting, it is about the interaction between the photographer and the client. You need to find the right fit for you, the right photographer that will make you comfortable, talk to you as if you are a person while putting you at ease. If a photographer fails to deliver on that, they are essentially making a snap shot of you. At that point, you might as well make a snapchat photo and do a screen capture and call that your head shot. 

Self Portrait in studio. Don't be caught using a "selfie" as a professional image to market yourself. 

Self Portrait in studio. Don't be caught using a "selfie" as a professional image to market yourself. 

There are many photographers around the world that have their approach to making sound head shots. Each one of us implements a set of skills, both social and psychological, (don't be scared by that last one: psychological.) The fact of the matter is that when working with people, personalities, we need to be able to connect with our clients and subjects. They need to be given confidence and allow trust in us to make them feel comfortable enough to show their personality. 

Portrait of a Dancer

The true value of a professional head shot transcends the cost. The monetary value of a head shot can be written off, paid for easily depending on your business. In some cases your company might be fronting the cost for you to have that photograph. Your clients, whether you think so or not, will and are always evaluating who they do business with based on their perception and your appearance.

JeffreyB is available for head shot and portraits. 

Greg Stone: Artist

JeffreyB is available for head shot and portraits. 

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