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Travel Photography: Stowe Vermont

Since the beginning of December I have been whining, gripping, moping around saying how much I would like to be in Vermont during the Holidays. Last year Sue and I took a mini vacation from the 28th-2nd. Sue left Vermont on the second to head back to work while I stayed in Vermont an extra 2 and a half days. We rented a nice little cabin/condo from Air BnB at the beginning of December and spent the month looking forward to the trip. I had never been to that region of Vermont and was anxious to see it in its glory. We had snowy days, a load of fun, some great food, and even managed to get published in the news paper on January 1, 2014 for being photographed while tubing down a hill we found. I could spend the next hour diving into what made the trip extraordinary, but I am simply going to just post a few photos. 

My mind is stuck on the desire to travel. I was speaking with a friend a short time ago and she gave me a brief description of her travel plans for 2015. I wept out of jealousy of the places she is traveling to. Places I want to see.. As I said two days ago, travel is the big thing for this year. 

Covered Bridge, Stowe, Vermont


Cabot Cheese

Stowe Vermont

There is an entire world of beauty. I don't just mean pretty landscapes, cityscapes, oceans, and sunsets, I mean there are places in this world, things that we have built, elements of nature that are just so breath taking that they have to be seen. In this ever expanding world of digital technology, a lot of the world is captured day in and day out by a multitude of devices. It is impossible for your iPhone to translate the sensation of experiencing something first hand. No photograph will give you a feeling quite like physically being some where and or doing something. Sure, you can rely on an image to evoke a memory, but even then, a photograph will give you a flat, two dimension view of the subject matter. I could show you an image of someone rushing down a sky slope, kicking up powder, but unless you are there, doing that action, the photograph can only share the view, tell the story, compel you to share the experience. In short, there is no substation for traveling and absorbing a culture. 

Sunset Stowe, Vermont

My final thought is this: Don't be a tourist. Travel and see. Travel and observe. Travel to explore. We went to Bermuda in 2012. I decided it would be a much greater experience if we didn't follow a heard of tourists around to each stop the bus made. Instead we found a hiking trail and went off and saw things other people might not have. Seeing is learning. Learn what the world has to offer and teach others what you have seen. 

Great eats, Stowe, Vermont

Ham & Cheese, Fresh Vermont Chedar

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