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New England: This is why winter doesn't suck!

Here is why winter doesn't suck. Snow. If you are the type of person that looks outside after a fresh snow dump and your head spins while you vomit uncontrollably as if you were staring in a particular movie, you might want to rethink you future in 4 seasons demographic, consult with a physician, because you are possessed with the winter blues. No matter what I say or show you, you will continue to hate the snow more than anything else. 

If you love the winter, love the snow, and when you draw the curtains back and see a fresh coating of white stuff and your eyes gleam harder than if you saw a Red Rider bb gun under your tree, you will enjoy the following photos. 

I went out last night for about an hour. It was much colder than I thought it was going to be. I had a pair of jeans on, winter boots, an interior jacket and a shell to keep me dry. I wore a pair of gloves and a winter hat to also fight off the effects of the cold. I went to a place that I frequent. The time of day was different than the last time I was there and I knew I would find something visually appealing. I moved around a bit, making photos. I decided to switch locations when a large plow came and sat behind my truck. I was unsure if he was waiting for back up to come and tow me or if he was there to pop a few beers down the hatch to stay warm and lubed up on his snowy conquest that evening. I didnt want to chance it so I took off. 

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I cruised around with 4 wheel drive on for a few minutes and settled on this location. I was just out to take a break from editing a few projects and needed a creative break from being creative. So escaping the desk was a health decision. I am not one to complain about the cold unless I am suffering. By suffering I mean if I found myself naked and buried in a snow bank. I might be a little "whiny" then. For the most part the cold doesn't bother me. The snow, I love the snow. I always have. Growing up in New England you adapt to the changing seasons and welcome the transitions between. However, when I arrived at the second location I figured, I will only be here a few moments, I don't need my gloves. 

I moved around and made a few photos. I was searching for something unique and think I was able to capture that quite well. It felt a bit colder than when I first left the house. I wasn't sure if it was because my hand was stiff and I couldn't bend my fingers or if it was because my fingers were becoming stuck to the buttons on my camera remote. I figured it was time to leave if my skin was starting to morph into the controls. 


I would like to take a moment to address the City of Boston: Mother Nature doesn't hate you, I promise. New England doesn't hate you, I promise. You are seeing some unusually high amounts of snow this year, enjoy it. Find ways to enjoy it because winters in New England are shifty. Snow one year, not the next. Blizzard upon blizzard one year, flurries the next. Snow is a wonderful texture to the cold. It makes being cold less cold if you have a reason to be outside. Go line the Boston Common with an army of snowmen. Have random snowball fights. Build unique sculptures out of snow, but whatever you do, avoid the yellow, brown, light brown snow.