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Police Officer Promotion

Last year I photographed  the Holyoke Police Department Promotion ceremony for my friend State Rep Aaron Vega. One of his staff was there to delivery Citations to the officers that were being promoted. This year I was asked by Officer Leahy, pictured below, if I could photograph the promotion ceremony. Officer Leahy was being promoted from Patrolman to Sargent. It was an honor to be able to photograph such a special event. 

Officer Leahy, right, being pinned by his brother, a police officer in Las Vega.

4 officers received a promotion and were being honored. The room was filled with friends, family, and other officers there to show their support. In addition, the media was there to cover the promotions. I was fascinated by the speech that the Chief gave. Amongst the admiration he has for his officers, he reinforced the incredibly difficult time that police officers are facing on a national level. He addressed his officers with reminders of the importance of going home to their families and loved ones. 

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