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iPhone 6: Photography

Earlier this morning my friend sent me a link to Apple's website, specifically a gallery of insanely awesome photos that were made using an iPhone 6. Li am no longer envious of the Apple technology that is changing how people make view photographs. While cameras in phones are nothing new, every phone I've replaced since 2004 has had a camera, but major advancements and improvements have been implemented into these devices that give real cameras a run for their money.


Cell phones are what disposable cameras used to be. Remember those plastic little wind up film cameras? Yea cell phones have replaced those. Apps such as Instagram are where people go to view the world, connect with people, network, share their visual thoughts and feelings, and more recently their inner most private fetishes. Yes, fetishes. There are countless IG accounts out there, some private some public, some ambiguous, some flagrantly flaunting ownership, but the common thread is they exist for the vouyer and vouyee. I know that some where there is a team of psychologists and sociologists working hand and hand to both diagnos and write papers in how people are creating relationships through social media and the incessant need people have to share every thing they see, smell, eat, touch. 

There are that many more IG accounts that provide the world with original images. My IG page is the inner workings of a photographer. A bit vouyeristic, when I post behind the scenes photos or share what I am thinking. I'm not being hypocritical, merely a trend follower. IG for me is about connecting with the world. I started out using a crappy Droid phone to post photos to IG. I've since changed platforms to an iOS based device. my computers are Apple and so is my phone. I am a loyal Apple user and here is why. I am not part of s cult, as accused of being a few weeks ago, by a friend of mine, photo below. Apple create a great product. The prices are a bit steep for some, but their machines, both computing and cellular, are easy to use and make my professional life more efficient. Recently I upgraded a few components on my 2011 MacBook Pro. That tiny upgrade has now made my life faster, smoother, and I can pump out edits much quicker. How many PC based users are still running a machine from 2011? Probably a lot less than Apple users. Truth be told Apple's technology is top of the line, at least in my opinion and probably most of the Apple users world wide. 

My iPhone is a business tool as well as an extension of my right arm. I post photos daily, respond to emails for business as well as personal, I make photographs, connect with people on a multitude of social networks, and blog. This post was written on my iPhone. The photos in this post were made shot and edited using my iPhone. I've seen a Bently Commercial filmed in an iPhone, I've read blogs about iPhoneography, I've seen iPhone portraits and even a fashion shoot having been shot on an iPhone. These devices are powerful and can do some pretty amazing things. There is still a need for high end cameras, as phones are not there yet. A device than can multi task with as many options as an iPhone has is still quite limited in all its creative freedom. 

As I told my friend when I shared with him two photos I made recently with my iPhone, it is about light and composition. With good light and composition, incredible photos can be made with an iPhone. In short, knowing the device and a set of rules pulled from analog photography, and just like that you're an iPhoneographer.



These two photos were shot in my studio. They were lit by a bank of windows. I processed them in a new retouching app that I just found. I've completely by passed the computer, the camera, the ideology that photography must exist with just a camera. On most days I do not credit people as photographers who Rome around using just a cell phone, but in all fairness, they are. As I leave behind weddings and move more into the commercial photography I desire to be in, I no longer worry about the threat of not gaining clients due to the silliness that is the iPhoneographer stealing clients.   

Take and run with technology. Half the time I am merely creatively playing but at the same time exploring the possibility of something new. Stop and enjoy what you see but keep you iPhone handy for when you want to make a great photo of what you're experiencing. 


Zakim Bridge, Boston, Ma  



Landscape Photo  

 Follow this link to view the Apple iPhone gallery.