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Photography: iPhone, iPhonography, iPhone 6

Since the winter I have had an iPhone 6. I am a brand whore but at the same time I rely on Apple to run my businesses. While my iPhone does govern my day to day life through the alarm, calendar, camera, a few business apps, and a few editing apps, I value my phone as a device that can make some pretty incredible photos. I have been longing for one of those little Fuji cameras, the ones with the cropped sensor, possibly the one with the fixed 35mm lens, for shooting day to day things I find interesting, in between work and work. The Fuji cameras are pretty awesome, but they can not take a photo, edit, and share across a multitude of social media platforms. 

Apple has been releasing 30 second commercials on the television that show stills and videos that are shot on the iPhone 6. Some of the clips are in slowmo and look pretty fun. I admire the photographic aspects that are packed into this device because I know they are powerful, both from my use and because it is an upgrade from the 5s. I have seen large ads, very large scale billboards, promoting the iPhone through strong images that were made using the device. I have mentioned using an iPhone in the past. I think right around when I first picked this model up. Regardless I enjoy pulling my phone out and making some photos. 

I went for a bike ride last evening and was rained on. I kept my phone in a ziplock bag, zipped up in my backpack. It stayed dry while cold droplets of rain broke the heat I was pedaling through. Even when the sun came back out and I found some charming spots to make photos of, I still managed to keep my phone dry. I am always very careful when it comes to my devices. I am not in the business replacing equipment, I am in the business of making photographs and getting paid. 

I made some photos. You can see below.