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Apple iPhone 6 Photography

We are all photographers. Some what true due in part to the fact that most of us have a camera with us at all times due in part to the fact that every cell phone these days has a camera built into it. Most of us have had this luxury for a number of years now. My first camera phone was back in 2004. Nice little flip phone that had a camera that I think was .225 mega pixels. Enough to see on a 1.1" x 1.1" screen. Since then camera phones have advanced.


The iPhone in my mind will always dominate. That is just my opinion. Here is why. There are some companies out there shoving 50 mega pixels into a cell phone. No consumer needs that many pixels on a device with a sensor that is 1/16th that of a real camera that has a 50 mega pixel sensor. You know what camera comes with a sensor that big? A $40,000.00 Hasselblad. A real camera with the capabilities of making billboard sized photos all day long. So the question that one could ask, "why then does a cell phone manufacturer put that much crappy pixilation into a phone?" Easily answered in 1 word, "sales." Bottom line is that a cell phone company is going to listen to the demands of the consumer. People think they need to have that much capability for cheap but at the end of the day, they do not need it.

Apple has done something pretty cool. As we are all aware, Apple is a legendary brand that puts a huge emphasis on design. Apple for the last few months, possibly a little bit longer has been doing simple ads that are either print based, publications and magazines, and some televised ads that are showcasing images and videos that are made using the iPhone 6. The televised ads are pretty cool. There are some slow motion clips that just command your attention. The print based ads use some stellar still photographs that were shot using the iPhone 6. From my understanding, Apple is using the videos and still photos from their Apple iPhone 6 World Gallery for all the ads they are running that are promoting the camera. Apple unlike their competitors are not laying claim to being the best company there is with thee best camera, screaming high pixel counts. Apple is a brand with extremely loyal users of their technology. For some people it does not matter how good the camera is. For others, that is the entire reason they buy a phone, those are the customers that think they need more pixels than they can even process.

My iPhone 6 does not leave my side unless I am in the water, shower, pool, or doing something where I can not be looking at it. I run a business from my phone, answering emails, texts, calls, scheduling shoots, posting to social media, or using it to track my fitness. My iPhone is an extension of my brain, a resource that allows me to connect to the world through various forms of communication. I pull my phone out and make photos even when on a shoot using my real camera, the money maker. I often use it to make "production stills," showing the world, "this is what I am doing right this minute." Other times I use it to make photos I intend to post to social media, such as my Instagram account -- click here to follow me.


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