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Portrait Photography: Pregnancy Progress

Debra is a friend of mine. I met her through her husband Aaron. Aaron and I connected when I came back from Boston in 2009. Him and I co-produced a photography project, Yoga in Unusual Spaced. Since then Aaron and Debra have been a subject in front of the camera dozens of times throughout the growth of his political career and the expansion of his family. When Aaron and Debra found out they were pregnant, I was the first person to find out after Aaron. For months they did not tell friends or family, all while Debra was coming into the studio once a month to be photographed. The year before Debra had seen a progression series I had worked on for another client. She was so impressed that she asked me if we could do one for her. 

We spent a few days emailing and discussing some options for the styling of the shoots. She had an idea from a magazine and I had a few ideas of my own. Debra, being a former Rockette, was drawn to dance pose that I found. I really liked a pose that she had found. We ended up producing a pose that was a combination of a few different variations of what we had for inspiration. This being the second progression that I was producing, I had come up with a set of rules that would allow me to reproduce the same pose with ease every time Debra came in. There are subtle changes that you can see, but each shoot resulted in the same pose, but with the obvious change, the development of their baby.

Pregnancy Progress

I am eager to produce another progression series. Email me, call me, beep me, snail mail me, and we can produce a progression shoot.